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The Villanelle

How many lines is the villanelle

how many stanzas

what is the order of the stanza and line #
3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4

the 3rd line of the 5th stanza is repeated as the what?
last line of the 2nd and 4th stanzas

what is the rhyme scheme

where does the villanelle originate from
an Italian harvest field

what does villa mean
country house or farm

what does villano mean

what is a round song
something sung with repetitive words and refrains

what would it e an accompaniment to if it was a round song
an agricultural task

does any trace of this early origin remain

what is a villanelle
a French poem with pastoral themes

who began the work
Jean Passerat

what was one of Passerat’s disguised love songs?
it was about a lost turtledove

how did the from define itself
through contact with an audience

when and where did french poetry become an object of interest and admiration
1870s england

who tok up french verse
Henley and Oscar Wilde

what is the single feature of the villanelle that 20th century poets most made their own?
the absence of narrative possinlilty

the form refuses to what
tell a story

how does the villanelle repeat its sound
13 times and then another 6

what is the form of the poem
– five stanzas of 3 lines each (1st line of 1st stanza is last line of 2nd and 4th stanzas) (3rd line of the first stanza is the last line of the third and fifth stanzas). (2 refrain lines are last two line of closing quatrain)
– stanza
– quatrain

what is the rhyming called
intricate rhyming

what is ernest dowson’s poem called?
Villanelle of His Lady’s Treasures

what did the narrator of Villanelle of His Lady’s Treasures take?
her dainty eyes, tendrils of hair, voice, whiteness virginal, cheeks, laugh

What was repeated in Villanelle of His Lady’s Treasures
I took her dainty eyes as well
And so I made a Villanelle

what was Edwin arlington robinsons poem
The House on the Hill

what was repeated
there is nothing more to say
they were all gone away

who wrote Missing Dates
William Empson

what is repeated
Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills
The waste remains, the waste remains and kills

who wrote the waking
theodore Roethke

what is repeated
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow
I learn by going where I have to go

who wrote One Art
Elizabeth Bishop

what is repeated
The art of losing’s not too hard to master
though it may look like a disaster

what is different about One Art
it is irregular, doesn’t really follow the rule

who wrote Do Not Go Gentle into that good night
Dylan Thomas

what is repeated
do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

who wrote The World and the Child
James Merrill

What is repeated
Letting its wisdom be. The whoel of love falls not eh child awake and wearied of.

is it irregular

who wrote Condemned site
Mona Van Duyn

what is repeated
the shades of five rooms are drawn as if perter, tom, david, jim and howard were gone

who wrote By the Sound
john hollander

what is repeated
in those days i was living by the sound
dawn rolled up slowly what the nigh unwound

who wrote Saturday at the Border
Hayden Carruth

does it follow the rules
not at all

how old what he hen he wrote his first villanelle

is Saturday at the Border comical

what did he find in his first villanelle

who wrote Under the Hill
Daryl Hine

what is repeated
The gates fly open with a pretty sound
A sensual world, remote, extinct is found

what is Under the Hill about

who wrote Villanelle
Marilyn Hacker

what is repeated
every day our bodies separate
not understanding what we celebrate

who wrote Reading scheme
Wendy Cope

what is it about
kids books

what is repeated
Look Jane lok look at the dog see him run
Here is peter here is jane they like fun

what happened
dad kills milkman for sleeping with wife

who wrote Villanelle for the middle of the night
Jacqueline osherow

what is repeated
Call it the refrigerator hums at night
As a halo drift from a corner streetlight

is it irregular

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