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The Importance Of Being Earnest Act 1 Review

What is Bunburing?
A system using made up events or people to escape an unwanted social gathering.

How does Jack use Bunburing?
Jack is Ernest in town and Jack in the country. He pretends that they are brothers and “always getting into trouble”.

How does Algernon use Bunburing?
Algernon made up a friend named Mr. Bunbury who is handicapped and always needs his help.

Oscar Wilde designated the play “a trivial comedy for serious people”. What does that suggest to you?
The people in the Victorian Era were so serious but even they would understand his humor. He made fun of them in a gentle way.

Describe the stage business with the cigarette case?
It describes Jack trying to grab he case and Algernon playing a game of keep away with him.

What happens during the marriage proposal scene?
Lady Bracknell enters and makes Jack stop. She then goes on to ask him a series of questions to see if he is suitable for Gwendolyn.

What seems to be Lady Bracknell’s main concerns?
If Jack is rich enough, if he appears rich, that he was born in a handbag and has no parents, and if he knows nothing (so that Gwendolyn can be in control of the marriage) .

What do we learn of Jack’s family origins?
Jack was born in a handbag and he doesn’t know anything about his parents.

At the end of the act, where is Algernon planning to go? Why?
To Jack’s country house because he wants to meet Cecily.

What problems do you expect to arise as the ya continues into the next two acts?
Jack and Algernon will argue and may even get caught red handed with their Bunburying act.

Think about the play’s title. How earnest are the characters?
Earnest is an adjective that means trustworthy or sincere. The characters are all not earnest at all.

How does Jack make a living?
From investments.

What are some of Jack’s activities?
He smokes and goes from town to the country.

What is Jack’s personality?
High-class, gentle man, and serious.

Where is Jack’s home?
He has a country house and a town house in Belgrave.

What is Jack’s situation at the beginning of act 1?
He is at Algernon’s flat.

What is Algernon’s occupation?
He gets money from his aunt Lady Bracknell.

What are some of Algernon’s activities?
He plays the piano.

What is Algernon’s personality?
Wild, frantic, and a joke-ster.

Where does Algernon live?
He has a flat in town.

What is Algernon’s situation at the beginning of act 1?
In his flat talking to Lane his butler.

Who is Jack’s guardian?
Thomas Cardew.

What did Jack’s guardian leave him?
His daughter (Cecily) so that he could take of her.

What is Gwendolyn’s last name?

When was Oscar Wild born/died?
October 16, 1854- November 30, 1900.

Where was Oscar Wilde born/died?
Born- Dublin, Ireland.
Died- Paris, France.

What was Oscar Wilde’s only full length novel?
The Picture of Dorian Gray.

How many plays did Wilde produce and write?

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