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Mark Twain Flashcards Essay Examples

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Huck Finn notes

Huck Finn name significance *Huckleberry* – grown wildly *Finn* – fish fin, Nature related (natural creature, much more comfortable in nature) Definition of *Vernacular* ~ The language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region (example of regionalism) Huck’s views toward civilization, religion, and slavery *views civilization* as very confining…

Huckleberry Finn

What do we know about Huck from the way he talks? He is young and uneducated What is a “stretcher”? Someone who tell white lies or stretches the truth. Why does Mark Twain begin Huck Finn with a reference to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? Because he uses some of the similar characters and to…

Vocabulary for The Yellow Wallpaper and Autobiography of Mark Twain

recurrent occurring time after time temperament a person’s characteristic mode of emotional response undulating appearing to move in waves convolution a form or shape that is folded into curved, complicated windings fatuity something foolish or stupid flamboyant marked by strikingly elaborate or colorful display lurid shocking; gruesome miscontrued misunderstood; misinterpreted social context the social conditions…



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Mark Twain Biography

celebrity Mark Twain was the first modern Sameul Langhorn Clemens Mark Twain real name Hannable, Missouri where Mark Twain born Pseudonym fake name 12 age when father died printers apprentice after father died job as a… 22 age became riverboat poilet/ steamboatman Civil war stopped trading on the Mississippi River 1835 year clemens was born…

Mark Twain

Born where? Florida, Missouri Grew up where? Hannibal, Missouri Natural phenomenon that occurred both in the year he was born and the year he died Halley’s Comet Jobs, other than a writer steamboat pilot, printer, wrote for newspapers How many weeks did he serve in the Missouri militia? 2 weeks Innocents Abroad travel letters, in…

english// mark twain

When was Mark Twain born? November 30, 1835 Where was Mark Twain born? Missouri When did Mark Twain die? April 21, 1910 What was the name of Mark Twain’s wife? Olivia Langdon How many daughters did Mark Twain have? Three What is Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Langhorne Clemens What was Twain’s first book? Innocence…

Huck Finn Flashcards

Pap vs Black educated Man Pg 38 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain “And that aint the wust, they said he could vote when he was at home” In this qoute it shows Twain humor because the educated black man had more of a right to vote then pap did Huck Decision to save…

"Cub Pilot on the Mississippi" by Mark Twain

Who is telling the story? Mark Twain Why do you think Brown examined Twain’s shoes so carefully? Brown disliked Twain’s father, and the shoes brought back bad memories. In contrast to Brown, George Ealer (George Ritchie’s boss) is of what temperament? George Ealer made Twain feel… relieved in a way. George Ealer liked to do…

Mark Twain Story Questions

Injun Joe first uncovered buried treasure where? The haunted house floor Injun Joe’s revenge was planned against who? Widow Douglas’ husband but since he died the revenge was plotted upon her How did Tom incur Becky’s anger and tears? He accidentally told Becky about his ex-wife Amy Laurence How do Tom and Becky escape from…

A&E Mark Twain Video

Where did twain grow up? Hanable, missouri What age did twain quit school? 12 What job did he take after quitting schiol Printers apprentice What was trains greatest boyhood dream achieved at age 22? To be a steamsboatsmen Name the newspaper which gave twain his first job Virginia territorial enterprise How did he become mark…

American Architecture

Post & Lintel a structure consisting of vertical beams (posts) supporting a horizontal beam (lintel) Viga A rafter or roofbeam, especially a trimmed and peeled tree trunk whose end projects from an outside adobe wall. Vernacular Architecture is a category of architecture based on localized needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions. Greek Architecture…

The Autobiography of Mark Twain

To Twain, the best thing about being a subject was… having everyone’s attention How is Simmons’ comment that he could have stopped Twain from attacking the school bully dramatic irony? Simmons was not in control of Twain Twain pretends to be hypnotized because he… wants the audience’s attention Why is the fact that Simmons calls…

Module 3 Reading Answers

Mark Twain, from The Gilded Age (1873) As satirical as it is, this excerpt appears to be somewhat of a social statement on the treatment of the US workforce in the late 19th century. As can be drawn from the little compensation that was given to actual workers of the time, Colonel Sellers appears to…

Pudd’nhead Wilson Exam Review

In what state does the novel take place? Missouri In what town does the novel take place? Dawson’s Landing Who is the town’s chief citizen? Judge Driscoll What state is David Wilson from? New York How many children does Judge Driscoll have? What is the origin of Pudd’nhead Wilson’s nickname? A strange remark he makes…

Took: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn

Who watches the old Estes house from the hill? Auntie The Anderson family has moved from where to where? From Fairfield, Connecticut to Woodsville West Virginia What does Erica call her doll and why? She calls her Little Erica because she looks just like her. What story are the townsfolk saying about the house that…

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