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Mark Twain Flashcards Essay Examples

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History chp. 4

By the 1890s more than half of all immigrants in the US were Eastern and southern eurpeans Many immigrants came to the US in part to escape from poverty and Social ladder The vast majority of immigrants arriving on the east coast spent about a day at a processing center located at Ellis island What…

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Chapters 4-7

How does Huck know that his father has returned? Huck knows that his father has returned because he sees his father’s footprint in the snow. He knows it is his father’s because it has a cross in the left boot heel made with big nails to keep away the devil. What does Huck do with…

Mark Twain – A True Story, Repeated Word For Word as I Heard It

Mark Twain -1835-1910 -Samuel L. Clemens -wrote Huckleberry Finn -famous for the vernacular A True Story, Repeated Word for Word As I Heard It -1874 -Miso C is Mart Twain (S. Clemens) -vernacular, dialect of southern slave -frame story, ends in the same place that it began -slavery broke up families -salve cook who reunited…



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Chapter 25 vocab APUSH

Jane Adams Established Hull House. Condemned war as well as poverty. Florence Kelley A lifelong battler for the welfare of women, children, blacks, and consumers. Served as a general secretary of the National Consumers League. Led the women of Hull House into a successful lobby in 1893 for an Illinois antisweatshop law that protected women…

"Two Views of a River" Mark Twain

Essay Mode: Comparison and Contrast Characters: The narrator Main events/plot: As the narrator goes down a river in a steam boat he now knows as well as his alphabet. He starts to notice things that make the river less exciting and more practical now that he’s been pilot. Arguments, Lessons, Themes: He portrays that since…

"My Papa, Mark Twain" Study guide

What is a fact? Something that can be proven, such as “My hair is brown”. What is an opinion? A person’s judgment or belief. What are examples of clue words to indicate it is an opinion? “I think” “wonderful” “annoying” “horrible” What is Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Clemens. Who is the author of “My…

English III

Young Mark Twain 4 1.he wants attention and will do anything. 2. He was born a liar 3. he pretends to be mesmorized 4. Uses Hicks as inspiration and tries to be better than Hicks was Older Mark Twain3 1. looking back at his younger self and notices that he didnt make the right decisions….


The cheapest accommodations on a steamship Steerage An anti-immigrant organization American protective association Caused an increase in Chinese immigration Taiping Rebellion Location of a barracks in California to accommodate Asian immigrants … An extreme dislike for foreigners by native-born people Nativism Nativism in the late 1800s were focused on Asians,Jews, and Eastern Europeans Where did…

chapter 25 vocab apush

Jane Addams 1860-1935. Founder of Settlement House Movement. First American Woman to earn Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 as president of Women’s Intenational League for Peace and Freedom. Florence Kelly Active in the settlement house movement and led progressive labor reforms for women and children. Emma Lazarus Granddaughter of German Jews; wrote “The New Colossus”;…

English III S2: Studies In The American Novel Test

James Fenimore Cooper wrote the Leatherstocking Tales. True The Leatherstocking Tales include _____. The Deerslayer The Last of the Mohicans The Pathfinder The book that first brought recognition to Mark Twain was ______. Tom Sawyer The Pearl was based on a Mexican folktale. True An analogy ______. compares two things that are alike Interpretation, analysis,…

AP US History: Gilded Age

“waving the bloody shirt” using Civil War memories to gain support for presidents Tweed Ring Boss Tweed, NY, stole about $200 million from the people, eventually found out and jailed until he died Credit Mobilier scandal This scandal occurred in the 1870s when a railroad construction company’s stockholders used funds that were supposed to be…

Mark Twain Notes

How long did Mark Twain live? 75 years Mark Twain was the first modern __________. celebrity Mark Twain’s real name was? Samuel Langham Clemens Where was Mark Twain born? Hannibal, Missouri At what age did Twain leave school? 11 Why did Twain leave school? to become a printing press What was Twain’s dream (that he…

Taming the bicycle

How does the title set up the reader’s expectation for the general tone. sarcastic Inanimate objects cannot be tamed Why did he purchase a barrel of Pond’s Extract he expected injury Why does he compare the bicycle to a young horse? he is removing the blame of his incapabilities from himself by blaming the bicycle…

APUSH Ch 27 Terms flashcards

Josiah Strong American clergyman who preached Anglo-Saxon superiority and called for stronger U.S. missionary effort overseas Alfred Thayer Mahan American naval officer who wrote influential books emphasizing sea power and advocating a big navy Richard Olney Belligerent U.S. secretary of state who used the Monroe Doctrine to pressure Britain in the Venezuelan boundary crisis Queen…

AP U.S. History- Chapter 25 Vocab

Jane Addams a middle-class woman dedicated to uplifting the urban masses; college educated (one of first generation); established the Hull House in Chicago in 1889 (most prominent American settlement house, mostly for immigrants); condemned war and poverty; won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 W.E.B du Bois black leader; mix of African, French, Dutch, and…

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